Hi, I’m Joanna,

the founder of Vashka Academy, the online Academy to learn and get certified on efficient and high-quality techniques for nail and lashes extensions.

I’ve had many lives before launching Vashka Academy in 2016.

All of them revolving around teaching and sharing my knowledge and expertise with my students. I started in the Beauty Industry 12 years ago, by building my first nail salon in my home.

Quickly enough, I looked for healthy brands. A lot of the mainstream brands didn’t suit me as a client, because of allergies.

Young Nails and NovaLash were a revelation. I loved the quality of their products as well as all the care they put into training and sharing their knowledge with their representatives.

I’ve got the chance to train and meet the owners of those amazing companies. I remember vividly learning from Sofia Navarro in Texas in 2018. What an inspiration! 

The same Year, lucky me, I also met Greg Salo with Young Nails Team for Teachers Training.

I moved to a spacious salon in Carrigaline, co. Cork. It was the beginning of a crazy but oh so exciting time. I held regular classes in my studio and later travelled to teach students in Manchester, UK.

Every year I used to attend Beauty Shows to pick on new trends. I also represented NovaLash in Irish Beauty Shows. I am so proud to be the representative of such brands, with the best reputation and quality.

To challenge myself, I took part in some competitions. What a wonderful way to learn about yourself in stressful situations! And I brought trophies home. Who wouldn’t like that?

With Covid hitting us in 2020, I couldn’t continue to step up my business and teach my students. It was a really challenging time, but my passion for teaching won and I moved all trainings online. I am so grateful for the brands I trust. They share this passion with me and moved all their certifications online too. Now I can meet students from everywhere in the world!

That’s why I am so happy to welcome you today to my website. We can build together the next chapters of our lives.

I love to meet people, excited to learn new skills. My goal is to help every student achieve the best and be able to perform at the highest standards. With solid foundations, practice and passion, you can accomplish your dreams.