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Want to grow your expertise in the beauty industry?

Come and learn new skills from the comfort of your own home.

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Want to grow your expertise in the beauty industry?

Come and learn new skills with us!

Online and In-house training courses are available.

We accept Grants. ALL our courses are AIT Accredited.

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Welcome to Vashka Academy.

The starting point to expand your journey in the beauty sector.

I am Joanna, the founder of Vashka Academy.

I created it seven years ago. My goal was to merge my two passions: beauty and teaching, and I can say I succeeded. After successfully training hundreds of students from Ireland, the UK and other European countries, Covid hit us. It was the time for everyone to rethink and change how things are done.

For Vashka Academy, it was possible to train all students 100% online. You can now learn our skills from wherever you are in the world.

At the moment, we are back teaching face-to-face again!


Vashka Academy is a place where learning, practice and humility create the base of solid and long-lasting skills.

All motivated students are welcome. If you want to:

– start a (new) career,

– add new services to your salon,

– refresh your knowledge and speed up your work.

If you learn best by doing, this is the school for you! Get in touch with me.

I share comprehensive and practical knowledge without secrets with my students and have no greater pride than seeing them succeed. Join me at the Vashka Academy to take the next step in your career.

My favorite brands:

NovaLash Independent Instructor

I’ve started to work with NovaLash products in 2015 and loved them at first sight. They are the best products for me, my clients, and my business. NovaLash is the most awarded eyelash extension company in the world. Reliable, healthy, durable, beautiful, the list is endless. The adhesive also makes NovaLash extensions immediately waterproof, oilproof, and sweatproof.

I became a trainer for this brand in 2017, teaching in my salon first and later teaching abroad. I’m proud to say I adapted again in these challenging times, offering online training and certification. You can train with me from around the world via ZOOM and in my studio face-to-face.

Young nails Independent Mentor

Young Nails is also a brand like no other in the Nail industry. Not only are their products of excellent quality, but their support and innovation are first-class too.

I was at the training with Greg Salo in 2018, and I can tell you the passion and talent in this man is inspiring. The Company supports their Mentors and students by regularly adding valuable lessons on social media. Once you join Young Nails Community, you are never left alone!


I am passionate about my work and always try to push my limits further.

Competitions are a fantastic opportunity to learn and grow. 

For myself

SEMI FINALIST for International LASHoff Competition – Lash Artist of the year 2018 

WINNER of London Lash Championships “New Volume” Highest Expert Category 2019 

2nd Place at Irish Lash Championships “New Volume” Highest Expert Category 2019 

For my Students

WINNER of Irish Lash Championships “New Volume” Novice 2019 

THIRD PLACE Irish Lash Championships “Russian Volume” Novice 2019 

WINNER Novalash UK- Ireland – Scotland Championships “Classic ” Expert 2020 

Training catalogue



Classic Eyelash extensions

American Volume

Master Lash stylist ( classic + volume)

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Gel Polish

Gel Nails Training

Electric File for Nails Technicians

Express Refills and Filling Technique 

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Vashka Academy Asia Joanna Educator




Hygiene in Salon 

Thank you so much Joanna

I found the course really informative as well as relaxing to do! Your ongoing support has been fantastic especially during this unprecedented time. Thank you so much again.

Kimberly H.

I Recently done 2 courses with Joanna the gel polish and beginner gel nails, I learnt a lot from both courses and from Joanna and also had so much fun in doing so. Joanna is patient and nurturing teacher and very fair when working one on one and as a group and I cant wait to do more courses with her. I highly recommend no matter what age you are. Thank you so much xxx


I got trained by Joanna for Novalash American Volume. She was absolutely amazing, extremely patient and really good with explaining the technique. She was very quick to respond to any queries and gave me great advice and support. Thank you for making me love lashing again. In love!

Isabel D